Giant Gila Monsters

The Giant Gila Monsters is a Long Island collective who combine their skills in music, poetry, prose, electronics, and art to create a fully immersive experience.  No longer satisfied with being a "rock and roll band"... they have focused their creative energies into making "Literary Rock" - music you have to read to believe... or watch, as the Gilas are also in the process of animating their first album.

As inspired by ABBA as they are by Yes, as New Order as they are Nirvana , the sound of the Gilas defies categorization.  Within a single song, they can go from a soft atmosphere to a full-on psychedelic metal thrash, and finish up with a sweet pop hook that you can't stop humming.  Throw in soaring melodies and smart, slightly subversive lyrics, and you have truly uniquely strange, yet captivatingly beautiful, music.

The Giant Gila Monsters are:
Vanessa FK: Guitars, lyrics, progressions, stories
Erin G: Drums, bass, programming, melodies, pictures