Giant Gila Monsters

We are currently looking for talented individuals who share our DIY ethic and love of nerdy music, art and literature.  If you, or someone you love, would like to try out to be the next Giant Gila Monster, please contact Erin.

We have the following positions open:
Lead Vocalist (Rose) - IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR Talented female vocalist, 16-25, sought for soundtrack and voiceover work for the debut Giant Gila Monsters album and its companion animated film.  Chops are important, heart is more so. 

Bassist - Erin cannot play bass and drums at the same time, no matter how hard she tries.  We're not in a rush with this, as we have no shows upcoming, but as we're still in the recording process, it'd be cool to get another pair of hands on the album.

Keyboardist - Same as with the bassist, only Erin can't play the keyboards very well, even when she's not playing anything else.

Composite Artists/Render Monkeys - In order to maximize the IT resources at Casa Gila, and reduce costs of a render farm, we are searching for folks who are willing to donate some of their computer's processing.  As you may or may not know, each frame of animation can take an extraordinary amount of time, and our in-house farm is more of a garden.  Please contact Erin for more details.  It sounds boring, but you'll get an amazing amount of experience and knowledge!