Giant Gila Monsters

So you wanna be Rose, do you?
Well don't read any more if you don't - here be spoilers.

Rose is the protagonist of our debut album, tentatively titled "Remember Who You Are".  Rose is an 18 year old college student, who, over the course of two days, discovers the truth of her origins and the "seed" in her belly button. 

We wrote this album as a sort of post-modern fairy tale, with a strong feminist message barely concealed within the metaphors.  While this is a "fairy tale", we're closer to a rock version of "9" than we are to Walt Disney.  While it's not full of adult content, it is definitely full of more adult themes.

Our dream vocalist is probably Julianna Hatfield circa 1992, so with that in mind, we're looking for someone who sounds young - 18-25 is our age range, but if you're 40 and can still sing like a teenager, then by all means, submit your audition package!   You'll likely be doing a few voice overs for the film as well.

When emailing, please use the subject "Rose Audition".  Please send me either a DIRECT link to a youtube video, an MP3, or attach a single MP3 file to your email.  DO NOT send me a link to Myspace  - their music player is buggy rubbish and I won't even listen.  Most other sites should work fine, though.

Email Erin with your "resume", as it were, and we'll be in touch!